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wut the fuck by Kiri-Uchiha wut the fuck :iconkiri-uchiha:Kiri-Uchiha 2 27 safe by Kiri-Uchiha safe :iconkiri-uchiha:Kiri-Uchiha 4 5 OMFG BEST CAPTCHA EVER by Kiri-Uchiha OMFG BEST CAPTCHA EVER :iconkiri-uchiha:Kiri-Uchiha 0 8
most AMAZING away message EVER
With my sword and sheild
in hand, I am fighting the
dark forces in an epic battle
that occurs during my great
Hyrulian adventure...
a.k.a. I'm being a dork and
and playing some form of Zelda.
:iconkiri-uchiha:Kiri-Uchiha 1 53
HAPPY HALLOWEEN by Kiri-Uchiha HAPPY HALLOWEEN :iconkiri-uchiha:Kiri-Uchiha 0 17 BOREDOM by Kiri-Uchiha BOREDOM :iconkiri-uchiha:Kiri-Uchiha 1 11 hitsugaya... and my math XDD by Kiri-Uchiha hitsugaya... and my math XDD :iconkiri-uchiha:Kiri-Uchiha 0 3
no escape
I’ve dealt with this before.
Twice to be exact,
Those times, it was easy,
For me to jump right back.
So why is it this time,
So hard to forget you?
I just can’t seem to forget,
No matter what I do.
I trusted you so much,
You meant so much to me,
I really hate to think,
That we just weren’t meant to be.
I hate to admit this,
But everyone knows it’s true,
I hate to say this,
But I really fell for you…
You broke down all my walls,
Made me forget all my fears.
And then when I’d cry,
You’d wipe away my tears.
I was so happy,
All because of you.
You gave me the best summer of my life,
And I just want to say thank you.
I don’t understand,
Why things happened the way they did.
But I can honestly say,
That I’m glad they did.
I didn’t want to get hurt,
I didn’t want the pain.
But if it means I could be with you,
I’d do it all over again.
I can’t escape it,
No matter what I do,
I just can’t escape,
The fact that I still love yo
:iconkiri-uchiha:Kiri-Uchiha 1 8
new hair by Kiri-Uchiha new hair :iconkiri-uchiha:Kiri-Uchiha 0 8 its me....... by Kiri-Uchiha its me....... :iconkiri-uchiha:Kiri-Uchiha 1 21
Why does it have to be like this?
I can’t stand to wait and see you.
I sit and cry myself to sleep.
I don’t know what else to do.
I want to have you near me.
To feel your body against mine.
I want to hold you close.
To feel our bodies intertwine.
Your intoxicating smell,
Made me weak every time.
Then to make things worse,
You’d run your finger down my spine.
You knew just how,
To make me relax.
You’d scratch my head,
Or massage my back.
The scent of lavender makes you weak.
As well as scratching you back and head.
Once you smelled my pillow…
You wanted to stay, and sleep in my bed.
When I was sad, or ever upset,
You’d hold me close, put your forehead against mine.
You’d smile, look me in the eyes,
And promise me everything would be fine.
Your eyes mesmerize me,
Every single time.
I was so happy to tell people,
“Yes… he’s mine.”
Being with you makes my day.
I’m in love with you.
What more can I say?
:iconkiri-uchiha:Kiri-Uchiha 0 0
It amazes me,
How much I’ve changed.
What you’ve done to me,
Is just strange.
Remember the times,
You’d trip and fall?
Ya know what hun?
I loved them all.
Remember that time,
We danced in the store?
We laughed so hard,
We fell to the floor.
Remember our sword fight,
I still can’t believe,
You actually beat me!
You’d blast the music in the car,
And ask me what I wanted to do.
I said I didn’t care,
As long as I was with you.
I used to hate,
When people would stare.
But you know what?
Now, I just don’t care.
Let them stare,
Let them laugh.
When I’m with you,
I have a blast.
I don’t quite know,
If falling for you was right or wrong.
All I know is,
It didn’t take long.
You’ve changed my style,
And the way I act.
You’ve changed my life,
And that’s a fact.
I’m here for you,
You’re there for me.
No matter how things,
Are meant to be.
:iconkiri-uchiha:Kiri-Uchiha 0 7
What have I done?
What have I done,
That was so wrong?
For you to be cruel to me,
For so long.
I get a chance,
To be happy for a time.
Then it fades,
When I finally thinks it’s mine.
You leave me with memories,
You leave me with pain.
And make me wonder,
Is my life a game?
You gave me a taste,
Of something good.
Then took it away,
Like I knew you would.
I fell in love,
Yes with him.
Three words for you,
You WON’T win.
Heed my words,
For they are true.
I’ll fight for him,
And defeat you.
:iconkiri-uchiha:Kiri-Uchiha 0 8
I'm Done
You made me laugh,
You made me cry.
Though everything you said,
Was nothing but a lie.
I asked for the truth,
You promised me you would.
Being naive as I am,
I foolishly thought you would.
I thought you were perfect,
My knight in shining armor.
Then slowly started to realize,
Maybe this isn’t worth it.
You said that you loved me,
And again I believed you.
I believed it so much,
That I said it too.
I loved you,
I believed you,
And you led me on.
Well I’ve got just two words for ya hun…
:iconkiri-uchiha:Kiri-Uchiha 2 39
colored for friend by Kiri-Uchiha colored for friend :iconkiri-uchiha:Kiri-Uchiha 1 8 Gift for a Friend by Kiri-Uchiha Gift for a Friend :iconkiri-uchiha:Kiri-Uchiha 6 21

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lol wow been so long since i've been on here... forgot about all this. but glad to kno everyone still likes my art!! XDDD thousands of faves and messaes later...


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